Tribal Services Red Lake

Red Lake Reservation, Angle Township, MN, United States
Unnamed Road Minnesota US

Accounting     218-679-1800

Ambulance/Ponemah     218-554-7334

Ambulance/Red Lake     218-679-3327

Anishinabe Legal Services     218-679-2281

Balancing our Lifestyle     218-679-4144

Boys and Girls Club/Ponemah     218-554-7596

Boys and Girls Club/Red Lake     218-679-2556

CAP    218-679-1880

Chemical Health Department     218-679-3392

Child Care Assistance Program     218-679-3350

Child Support     218-679-2306

Clinic Ponemah     218-554-7333

Comp Health     218-679-3316

Conservation Department     218-679-1908

Detention Center     218-679-4284

Division of Rehab     218-679-2152

DNR    218-679-3959

ECFE     218-679-3535

Elderly Maintenance     218-679-2202

Elderly Nutrition Program     218-679-3339

Elementary/Ponemah     218-554-7337

Elementary/Red Lake     218-679-3329

ENP/Ponemah     218-554-7492

ENP/Red Lake     218-679-3339

Enrollment Office     218-679-1842

Family and Children’s Services     218-679-2122

Fire Dept/Ponemah     218-554-7377

Fire Dept/Red Lake     218-679-3473

Fitness Center/Humanities     218-679-4199

Fitness Center/Ponemah     218-554-7503

Fitness Center/Red Lake     218-679-4228

Food Distribution     218-679-3720

Halfway House     218-679-3387

Headstart/Ponemah     218-554-7331

Headstart/Red Lake     218-679-3396

Health Station Little Rock     218-679-3717

Health Station Redby     218-679-3391

High School     218-679-3733

Higher Education     218-679-3350

Homeless Shelter     218-679-3171

Hospital/Red Lake     218-679-3912

Housing Authority     218-679-3368

Housing Finance     218-679-3897

Human Resources     218-679-1847

Humanities Building     218-679-4199

Indian and Free Drug Abuse     218-679-3321

Indian Health Services/Red Lake     218-679-0168

Juvenile Judge     218-679-3851

Legal   218-679-1876

Middle School     218-679-2700

New Beginnings     218-679-3350

New Beginnings Child Center   218-679-3350

Outpatient/Ponemah     218-554-7425

Outpatient/Red Lake     218-679-3995

Perpich Extended Care Center     218-679-3400

Police Department     218-679-3313

Ponemah Transportation     218-554-7347

Ponemah Dental     218-554-7333

Post Office/Ponemah     218-554-7374

Post Office/Red Lake     218-679-9329

Post Office/ Redby     218-679-2124

Pregnant Women and Families     218-679-3331

Probation     218-679-2588

Red Lake Day Care     218-679-3330

Red Lake Dental Care     218-679-0131 or 218-679-0119

Red Lake Nation College     218-679-2860

Red Lake Nation Newspaper     218-679-3561

Red Lake Transit     218-679-2395 or 1-877-239-9295

Redby Group Home     218-679-3868

School Administration Office    218-679-3353

Senior Apartments     218-679-3712

St. Mary’s Mission     218-679-3388

Treatment Center     218-679-2375

Tribal Council     218-679-3341

Tribal Courts     218-679-3303

Tribal Realty     218-679-1991

Truancy     218-679-2780

Veteran’s Outreach     218-936-5650

Veteran’s Service Office     218-936-5650

Vocational Rehab     218-679-3350

WIC Program     218-679-3134

Women’s Shelter     218-679-3443

Youth Recreation Program     218-679-3950


Chemical Dependency Outpatient Program – Rule 25 assessments, peer counseling, group therapy, copoing and survival skills, supportive services, intake, court assistance, treatment placements, advocacy and referral services, HIV/AIDS education, aftercare services.  PO Box 114, Red Lake, MN  56671     218-679-3995


Community Action Program (CAP) – Winter weatherization guidance and energy assistance.

15531 Main Ave, Red Lake, MN  56671     218-679-1880


Elderly Maintenance Program – 60+ years, enrolled Red Lake Nation member, reside in the unit to be serviced (NOT RLHA unit).  Snow plowing, grass cutting, plastic windows, replacement of needed water heater, sump pump, pressure tanks and electrical problems, minor carpentry, grab bars, window and deck repairs.

PO Box 565, 15280 Fire Station Road, Red Lake, MN  56671


Housing Authority Programs     218-679-3368

Rental Programs:  Low rent program and NAHASDA, ARRA Rental and Marif Rental, Federal Tax Credit

Homeownership Programs:  Mutual Help, NAHASDA and Walking Shield, Federal Tax Credit, Modernization Assistance, Beltrami County outside of the reservation Rental  Assistance and Down Payment/Closing Cost Assistance.

Housing Finance Corporation Programs:  Mortgage Program and Rental Program


Indian and Free Prevention/Treatment Program     218-679-3321

PO Box 100, Red Lake, MN  56671

Counseling, individual, group, peer and family.  Intake, assessments, follow-up/aftercare, adult and youth outpatient, transportation, recreational activities, cultural programs and self-help programs and tutoring.


Northern Winds Primary Treatment Center (Gii-Waa-Din)     218-679-3387

PO Box 114, Red Lake, MN  56671

Residential primary inpatient treatment for alcohol and drugs with counseling: group, individual, family and spiritual.  Transportation, education and employment assistance, recreational and occupational therapy.  Eligibility requirements: 16+ years, male or female.  Court ordered or self-referral or as part of a continuing treatment.


Oshkiimaajitahdah     218-679-3350

15525 Mendota Ave, Redby, MN  56670, PO Box 416, Redby, MN  56670

Employment services, GED/ABE Education, Career Development, Financial Skills for families, Ganawenindiwag (Cultural Program) “Taking Care of Each Other”


Pregnant Women and Families Program     218-679-3331

PO Box 114, Red Lake, MN  56671

Individualized Treatment Plan and Counseling, Outpatient Group Counseling, Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Education, Aftercare Planning and Referrals, Rule 25 Assessments, Case Management, Spirituality and guidance upon request.


Red Lake Family an d Children’s Services     218-679-2122

Highway 1, Building 68, Red Lake, MN  56671

Family and children services work for the safety and wellbeing of children, and the preservation and strengthening of families within cultural traditions.


Red Lake Food Distribution Program     218-679-3720

PO Box 253, Redby, MN  56670

15860 Ogema Ave, Redby, MN  56670


Red Lake Nation Government Center      218-679-3720

15484 Migizi Dr, Red Lake, MN  56671


Teen Parent Program     218-679-3350

Help with MFIP eligibility, Case Management, Educational and Career Planning, Financial Management, Home Visiting, parenting skills, supportive services for transportation and employment, childcare to attend school.



Red Lake Medical Transportation:     218-679-3327

Ponemah Medical Transportation:     218-554-7347

Elderly Transportation Services:         218-554-7347


Red Lake Homeless Shelter (Mishkwaa-ga-mii-wii-zaaga’iganiing Gilwishiiwigamig)     218-679-3171

15855 Main Ave, Red Lake, MN  56671

Mail: PO Box 280, Red Lake, MN  56671


Red Lake Women’s Shelter (Equay Wiigamig)     218-679-3443

Crisis Line:     218-679-3737 (can call collect)  or 1-800-943-8997

24  hour advocacy, crisis intervention, O.F.P.’s, safety planning, Talking Circles, Cultural Teaching Circiles.


The Children’s Healing Center (Abinoojiyag Noojimoo-wigamig)

PO Box 583, Red Lake, MN  56671

Provision of behavioral and cognitive skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, court order compliance.







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Court Administration     218-634-1451 Driver’s License Exams/Driving Tests     218-634-2836...
107 Main Avenue North, Roseau, MN 56751, USA 65.93 km
Consignment and retail store
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