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11995 Main Street, Northome MN 56661

36 bed nursing home in Northome, MN

11731 Hwy 1 East, Northome MN 56661
The South Koochiching ~ Rainy River School District has two K-12 schools located in northern Minnesota.
  • Northome School and the District Office are located in the southwest corner of the district in the town of Northome.
  • Indus School is located at the north end of the district in Birchdale.
These schools offer unique opportunities to learn in nature.  The experience begins with 80 acres of land that is laced with ski and wildlife trails. This beautiful northern acreage is enhanced by various geographic features such as the Northome School Forest and pond, which attract wildlife year around. The Rainy River location of the Indus School is ideal for students to experience the nature and history of the Grand Mound and the Canadian Shield. Both schools also utilize the Big Bog State Recreation Area and the knowledgeable staff of the DNR.

Technology blends into our efforts to learn “naturally” in the north woods of Minnesota. Both schools provide students with state-of-the-art, technology integrated classrooms and curriculum.  The schools give students access to excellent technological devices (computers, tablets, wifi, SmartBoards, weather stations, gps, etc …) in spacious and modern buildings, with a design that is community-based and attractive to students and staff alike.  Student to teacher ratios are low and computer to student ratios are high.

Bemidji, MN
218-333-8313 (see additional numbers)218-333-8313 (see additional numbers)

A cooperative effort of 3 agencies:  You may contact any of the 3 to make an appointment or learn more:

Beltrami County Children’s Services (Kami)                            218-333-8313

Red Lake Family and Children’s Services (Jean)                      218-679-1678

Sanford Health  (Ali)                                                                       218-333-6509

(Kellie)                                                                  218-333-5821


We believe that all women have the power to have a healthy, sober pregnancy; with the right support, education and services, we offer:

  1.  Help getting started with prenatal care, if you haven’t already started
  2. One on one visits during your prenatal appointments
  3. Home visits, if this is better for you.
  4. No judgment or shame…that is not helpful
  5. Help to stop using drugs and alcohol during your pregnancy
  6. Connections with services and resources to meet your daily needs
  7. Help with getting a chemical health assessment and alcohol and/or drug services if needed
  8. If you are dependent on opiates (heroine, morphine, codeine, oxycodone, etc.) we can help you break free from your dependence and get connected with services to treat your addiction.
905 Grant Ave SE, Bemidji MN 56601

Northwest Technical College prepares students for fulfilling careers in highly skilled, sought-after fields. Our certificate, diploma and degree programs are carefully designed to serve graduates and employers in northern Minnesota.

Northwest Technical College offers 21 programs under six major areas of study.  They are set up on semesters and typically begin fall semester in late August and in spring semester in early January.  A summer semester is also offered which begins in late May.

Applications are accepted up until two weeks before the start of a semester on a space available basis.

Degree Programs On-Campus & On-Line:


  • Automotive Service & Performance – Diploma

Building Systems:

  • Commercial Refrigeration – Diploma
  • Electrical Construction – Diploma/AAS
  • Residential Plumbing/HVAC – Diploma

Business and Accounting:

  • Accounting – Certificate/Diploma/AAS
  • Administrative Support – Certificate/Diploma/AAS
  • Computer Support – Certificate/AAS/AS
  • Human Resources – Certificate
  • Management & Entrepreneurship – Certificate
  • Sales, Marketing & Management – Certificate/Diploma/AAS

Child Care:

  • Child Care and Educaton – Certificate/AAS
  • Young Child Education – AS

Manufacturing Technology:

  • Production Technologies – Certificate – 360 eTech Program
  • Engineering Technology – AAS
  • Welding Technology – Certificate – 360 eTech Program

Health Care:

  • Community Health Worker – Certificate
  • Dental Assisting – Diploma/AAS
  • Health Care Administrative Support
    • Medical Coding: Certificate/Diploma/AAS
    • Health Care Administration: Diploma/AAS
  • Health Services Broad Field – AS
  • Nursing
    • Practical Nursing: Diploma
    • LPN Step-In: AS
    • Nursing Generic: AS
218-556-6738 Diana Jones218-556-6738 Diana Jones

Nail care and general foot health – Mobile Unit: “Healthy Feet Make Happy Hearts”

7165 Dewdrop Trail NW / PO Box 1162, Walker MN 56484

Family Safety Network (FSN)  is a non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to providing confidential advocacy, support, and referral services to domestic violence victims and their children.  FSN has been actively working with victims/survivors of domestic violence since 1993, when a group of concerned citizens saw a need for this type of service.  We believe that direct advocacy and education is an important key in breaking the cycle of violence.

 Our Mission is “To help keep families safe.” 

We believe in the importance of family and are committed to the elimination of all forms of violence, that violence is an expression of power and control which ultimately leads to the complete deterioration of family, and that NO one deserves to be hit or threatened.

Our services include:

-Confidential personal and legal advocacy

-Confidential support

-Help in filing court documents such as Orders for Protection and Harrassment Restraining Orders

-Accompaniment to court hearings and other appointments

-Safety Planning

-Women’s weekly support groups

-24 Hour Crisis Line 800-324-8151

-Emergency transportation

-Public presentations for community education

-Information and referral services

Family Safety Network is expanding its services to cover Hubbard, Clearwater, and Cass Counties. 

Headwaters Intervention Center in Park Rapids and Family Crisis Center in Bagley will now be Family Safety Network, serving Cass, Clearwater and Hubbard.


Family Safety Network

Park Rapids


Fax 218-732-8386


Family Safety Network



Fax 218-547-6237


Family Safety Network



4211 Minnkota Ave, NW, Bemidji, MN 56601

Goal Oriented Assisted Living: Semi-independent living skills, Developmental Disabilities and CADI waivered services.  Intake by referral agency only.  Hourly and 24 hour supports.

172 Summit Ave W., Blackduck, MN 56630

Skilled Care:  Rehabilitation and skilled care (sometimes referred to as nursing home or skilled nursing care) refers to care that is provided for residents who need the assistance of rehabilitative and/or licensed nursing staff.


Therapy Department:  An in-house therapy department provides inpatient and outpatient occupational and physical therapy.  Inpatient speech therapy is also available.  Contact the Therapy Department to review eligibility options.

201 First St E., Park Rapids, MN 56470

GroupWorks Wellness and Recovery Services in Park Rapids is an integrative mental health and wellness facility with a deliberate focus on traditional, integrative and complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) therapies.  We offer the most experienced group therapy staff in the area.  Our seasoned clinicians provide comprehensive care with a core value of collaborating with other helping professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your loved ones.  Whether you are seeking traditional therapies or are wanting to see what CAM therapies can do to enhance your current therapy experience, our seasoned psychotherapists/mental health professional staff is committed to your personal and interpersonal growth and development.


GroupWorks has offers a discounted/sliding fee schedule to patients who qualify.
GroupWorks serves all patients regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, religion, age, sexual orientation, veteran or military status or ability to pay.
GroupWorks accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Program.

PO Box 497, Red Lake MN 56671

Comprehensive Health

The Red Lake Comprehensive Health provides the management, leadership and direction needed to provide quality health services to the Red Lake people. Our main goal is to elevate the health and health care of our Red Lake Tribal members and their descendants to the highest possible level.

Emergency Medical Services

Two Ambulance Services, one in Red Lake and one in Ponemah provide prompt emergency medical care for sudden injury or acute illness and immediate transportation to a medical facility where further care can be rendered to eliminate severe complications from untreated trauma, twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week.

The Ambulance Service are licensed by the State of Minnesota as a Basic Life Support Service.

The Ambulance staff are required to be certified State Emergency Medical Technicians in order to maintain our Basic Life Support (BLS) License. The majority of our Emergency Medical Technicians are Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians.

The Emergency Medical Technicians provide in-services and training to tribal members that want to learn Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid and Emergency Medical Technician skills. We are licensed by the State of Minnesota as an official training program for Emergency Medical Technicians, CPR & First Aid.

Red Lake Ambulance 679-3327
Ponemah Ambulance 554-7347
or dial 911

Medical Transportation Services

Medical Transportation is provided for the people to the Red Lake Hospital, Ponemah Clinic and medical facilities off the reservation.

Patients are transported to Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth, St. Cloud, Minnesota, Fargo, Grand Forks, North Dakota and other towns as directed by the Medical Staff. Medical transportation is provided to the Red Lake Hospital, Ponemah Clinic and to the Bemidji Hospital and Clinics on a daily basis.

Red Lake Medical Transportation 679-3327
Ponemah Medical Transportation 554-7347

Elderly Transportation Services

Noon Meals are delivered to home bound elderly and handicapped residents in Ponemah Monday through Friday.


Community Health Nursing Services

Community Health Nursing Services provides health services to meet the assessed health needs of individuals and families in our four communities. Services are provided in hospital, clinic, home, school and community settings.

Community Health Nursing Services are provided within the context of total health care, including physical, social, psychosocial, environmental developmental, parenting education, nutritional economics and functional health. Nursing is provided at three levels of prevention: The primary prevention level focuses on health promotion and prevention against diseases, the secondary prevention level focuses on early diagnosis and prompt intervention in the disease process, and the third prevention level focuses on the use of rehabilitation activities to prevent further complications and to restore as much as possible optimal functioning. Language, communications and cultural considerations that influence care are considered. Individuals, families, and communities are encouraged to be active participants in determining their needs and reaching health outcome goals.

Major services Community Health Nursing provides are Public Health Nursing Services, Home-based Patient Care Services, High Risk Adult Supervision, Maternal Child Health Services, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention. Discharge Planning and Home Health Care Services.

Red Lake Comprehensive Health Services 679-3316
Little Rock Health Station 679-3717
Redby Health Station 679-3391
Ponemah Health Station 554-7384

Ponemah Health Services

The Ponemah Health Staff provide direct quality health care to the Ponemah residents in the Ponemah Clinic & the community. The health services include Maternal and Child Care Services, Chronic Illness Care, Acute Minor and Common Illness Care, Health Education/Disease Prevention and daily clinics.

The Ponemah Nurse Practitioner and her assistant provide Women’s Health Care Clinic once a week at the Red Lake Hospital.


Physician Services

The Physicians provide medical services to all eligible recipients in accordance with the standards and protocols of the Red Lake Hospital.

The Emergency Room Physicians provide emergency and urgent care services 24 hours a day 365 days a year, to all eligible recipients in accordance with the standards and procedures of the Red Lake Hospital.


Pharmacy Services

The Red Lake Comprehensive Health Services provides one Pharmacist and one pharmacy technician to assist with prescriptions at the Red Lake Hospital.


Physical and Occupational Therapy Services

Physical and Occupational Therapy serve a variety of disease and disabilities occurring in all ages. The Physical Therapist provides services for neurological disorders, arthritic conditions, persons with fractures, strokes, burns and numerous physiological and musculoskeletal conditions.


Hospital Support Staff Services

The Comprehensive Health Services supplementes the Indian Health Service with needed personnel in order to maintain the highest possible continuity of medical care for our people. The hospital support staff provides direct patient health care services in all clinics, inpatient, dental, behavioral health, optometry and outpatient department of the Red Lake Hospital.


Dietary Services

Dietary Services provide nutrition and dietetic services to individual patients, families and communities through a variety of methods including meal service, counseling, education, community services, and in-service consultation in the hospital.


Nutrition Services

Nutrition services provides and promotes sound nutritional practices for individuals, families and groups in the Red Lake Hospital and Health Care Facility, Ponemah Health Center, Elderly Nutrition sites, Maternal Child Day Care Center and the Headstart Programs; preventing potential health problems; and providing clinical nutritional and diabetic services for patients with existing medical problems.

Nutritional Services integrated with medical and interdisciplinary support services in outpatient clinics, health centers, community health clinics, school clinics and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) services.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) helps families eat well and stay healthy. The WIC program provides nutrition education, healthy foods and health services. WIC does nutrition assessments, and provides one-on-one counseling about food, nutrition, and breastfeeding to help you feed your family in a healthy way. WIC gives you vouchers to buy healthy foods. WIC helps you with referrals to other health and social services. To qualify for WIC you need to have a nutritional and/or medical need, and meet WIC income guidelines.

Red Lake WIC 679-3134

Environmental Health Services

The Sanitarian assists all communities in improving the public health. Environmental Health Services identifies and helps correct environmental conditions that are detrimental to the people’s health status. Security Services

Security services are provided for patients, staff and property at the Red Lake Hospital and Health Care Facility and the Extended Care Center. Security services work cooperatively with the local law enforcement agency for added safety.


Mental Health/Social Services

The Comprehensive Health Services provides two Independent Licensed Social Workers, Social Workers and School Wellness Counselors to assist individuals, patients, families in the schools and community promoting positive behavior, health promotion and disease prevention through direct assistance, counseling and coordination between home, school, and community and health facility.

The staff provide outreach services and function as a community resource in dealing with maladaptive behavior, and provide intervention in seeking out and eradicating conditions that caused or contributed to mental disorders.

The School Wellness Counselors provide counseling in the schools and communities.

The staff work with individuals who are having thoughts of hurting themselves, are having suicidal ideation, self-injurious behavior and behavioral emergencies.


Maternal Child Day Care Services

The Day Care staff provide services to eligible Indian children in need of a controlled quality health care environment that provides a safe place for emotional security and social development, where personal hygiene skills, proper eating habits and nutrition are taught.


The Adult Dental Program

Comprehensive Health Provides $25,000 a year to purchase dentures and partials for tribal members and their descendants at the Red Lake Hospital only.

Optometry Services

Optometry provides comprehensive optometric services including vision assessment, eye evaluation, retinal assessment, frame adjustment and repair, eye injury treatment, eye disease treatment, and contact lens fitting.


Special Diabetes Program for Indians – SDPI

The Red Lake Diabetes Program provides excellent care and education to all patients with diabetes, prediabetes, and those at risk for diabetes. Patients are seen as outpatients, inpatients and in the community. We provide one on one diabetes education, nutrition education, physical activity information, community diabetes screenings, youth wellness summer camps, diabetic socks and testing supplies given, current information on diabetes is provided to patients and diabetes related information is submitted to the Tribal Newsletter on a quarterly basis.


Red Lake Pre-Diabetes Program

Balancing our lifestyle is a diabetes prevention program based on developing healthy eating habits and increasing physical activity for American Indian adults age 18 and over with prediabetes.


Ship Program (Statewide Health Improvement Program)

Provides healthy lifestyle services to promote physical activity, reduce obesity and deter smoking and tobacco use in our youth.

Nursing Home Services

Nursing Home Services are provided at the Jourdain/Perpich Extended Care Center which is attached to the Red Lake Hospital and Health Care Facility. We have 47 beds available to serve our elders and handicapped individuals. All residents served are federally recognized Indians or descendants of federally recognized tribes.


2331 Dancing Wind Rd SW, Pine River, MN 56474

At Happy Dancing Turtle, S.O.I.L.s is what we do. It means the practice and promotion of Sustainability; Outreach to our Minnesota community; the Innovation to develop meaningful programs and spur local entrepreneurship; Learning/Sharing by offering workshops, conferences, and classes; and providing Leadership and fostering champions in our communities.

Eco-Camp:  Teaches sustainability, environmental responsibility, and health eating habits through games, field trips, and other activities.  Four age groups: (Pre-K, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6).  Four sessions during the summer, call for times.

Back to Basics:  A daylong event with a focus on environmental stewardship, eating healthy, living sustainably and fun.  Usually the last week in January, visit website for details.

Garden Tours:  Demonstration site of resilient living, organic gardening, health eating and lots of fun.  Please call to set up a tour.

301 Huntsinger Avenue, Park Rapids MN 56470

Compassion, Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility

The Mission of Independent School District 309 is to work together to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s challenges through: sharing of ideas and acceptance of diversity, efficient use of resources, (including staff, finances, curriculum, physical plant, and technology and area wide support services), thereby providing for maximum academic and personal growth.

1705 Anne St NW, Suite 1, Bemidji, MN 56601

Durable medical equipment, Orthotics, Prosthetics, home accessibility and Vehicle lifts (elevators and stair lifts).  Ostomy, wound and incontinence care, wheelchair mobility, home respiratory care/oxygen, Pedorthics, women’s specialty products.

25039 Abinoojiin Drive , Ponemah MN 56666
205 Court Ave, Park Rapids, MN 56470

Safe, reliable transportation for the public as well as contracting with other agencies that need transportation services.  We work with Veteran’s Services, Community Education, and DAC, Social Services and others.  Connections to Jefferson Bus Lines and the Executive Shuttle to Minneapolis Airport.


Heartland Express Park Rapids City Bus:  218-732-3500  (City only)


PO Box 485, Bemidji, MN 56619

Established in 1990 within the United States, IEN was formed by grassroots Indigenous peoples and individuals to address environmental and economic justice issues (EJ). IEN’s activities include building the capacity of Indigenous communities and tribal governments to develop mechanisms to protect our sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, health of both our people and all living things, and to build economically sustainable communities. IEN accomplishes this by maintaining an informational clearinghouse, organizing campaigns, direct actions and public awareness, building the capacity of community and tribes to address EJ issues, development of initiatives to impact policy, and building alliances among Indigenous communities, tribes, inter-tribal and Indigenous organizations, people-of-color/ethnic organizations, faith-based and women groups, youth, labor, environmental organizations and others. IEN convenes local, regional and national meetings on environmental and economic justice issues, and provides support, resources and referral to Indigenous communities and youth throughout primarily North America – and in recent years – globally.

1006 Willow St W., Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Offering training in Mental Health Facilitator training (certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors), Suicide Training, and Cultural Competency Training.

PO Box 845, Bemidji, MN 56619

Adult foster care for women experiencing the effects of severe trauma including Personality Disorders.

620 Beltrami Ave NW, Bemidji MN 56601

St. Philip’s School is a Catholic school serving students from pre-k through eighth grade. We have been in existence for over eighty years providing a strong religious and academic education to those who enter our doors.

St. Philip’s School Mission statement

St. Philip’s School is one of the valued ministries of St. Philip’s Parish, Bemidji, Minnesota. Our mission is to provide a quality Christian and academic education to the students entrusted to our care, preparing them to succeed in our diverse and changing world.

St. Philip’s School Annual Fund Drive

Help St. Philip’s School fulfill its mission by donating to our Annual Fund Drive.
Your help is greatly appreciated by students and staff.

St. Philip’s School Philosophy

St. Philip’s School is an integral part of a program developed to carry out the educational mission of the St. Philip’s Catholic Community. It serves the families of students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, academically and religiously.
St. Philip’s School is committed to a strong academic program recognizing the value and potential of each child and fostering growth (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually) through relationships with each other and with God, their Creator.
St. Philip’s School promotes greater awareness of global peace and justice. This is accomplished by developing in each child a positive attitude toward self, life, and learning, and by providing meaningful experiences of prayer, service, and worship.
Guided by the Holy Spirit, St. Philip’s School strives to be a worshiping community of believers in which the Good News of Jesus Christ is proclaimed and witnessed.
St. Philip’s School Additional Services
Title 1 is offered through District 31. Title 1 is extra help in reading and math to supplement classroom work.

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