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Bemidji MN 56601

Are you feeling bullied in a relationship? Concerned about someone who is being verbally or physically abused? Confidential, nonjudgmental advocacy services. No Charge.

113 Main Ave South, Park Rapids, MN 56470

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Temporary and emergency shelter for homeless families and pregnant women.

Village of Hope promotes self worth and independence through the provision of temporary shelter and supportive services for families experiencing homelessness. We are unable to house individuals without families.

Residents are selected in accordance with the following eligibility criteria:

  1.  The family unit must be homeless as defined by HUD guidelines.
  2. The primary applicant must be at least 18 years old and either pregnant or have primary guardianship/custody of one or more dependent children ages 17 or younger.
  3. All qualified households whose income at the time of initial occupancy does not exceed 50% or greater of the statewide or area median household income as determined by HUD and adjusted for families of five or more.
  4. Extended family members residing with the family prior to application for shelter at Village of Hope will be included in the definition of the “family unit”.
  5. The applicant must not be currently abusing alcohol or drugs.
  6. The applicant must be stable on psychiatric medications and prescribed medications for medical conditions and be willing to take them as prescribed.
  7. The applicant’s criminal history will be reviewed on an individual basis. Certain offenses may result in denial of admission. These may include sexual offenses requiring the tenant to register with local officials, violent crimes against persons or property, assault, arson or destruction of property.
  8. The applicant must not pose a risk of serious harm to self or others.
  9. The applicant must express a definite and informed desire to enter the emergency shelter program, including actively participating in a housing search and case management program.
  10. The applicant must be willing to accept group living including:
    ~A tolerance and respect for other shelter residents and staff,
    ~A willingness to adhere to shelter rules,
    ~A willingness to fully participate in maintaining the shelter and    sharing cleaning and maintenance duties.
  11. If applicant is eligible for Group Residential Housing (GRH), the applicant must be willing to assist VILLAGE OF HOPE in verifying the requirements including documentation of:
    ~Disability and/or chemical dependency,
    ~Income and/or asset verification confirming applicant fits the requirements of the program.

Intake Procedures
Clients or referents call the central intake number (218-751-0722). General questions are answered regarding eligibility, homelessness, and anticipated openings. Referents that are not able to be accommodated immediately are placed on an optional waiting list while every attempt is made to assist the referent in identifying an alternative shelter plan.

Upon vacancy of a family unit the waiting list is reviewed and families with the highest level of need are invited to participate in the application process. This process includes the opportunity to:
1. View the facility
2. Review the terms of the agreement to participate in a housing search and case management
3. Review the resident rules
4. Sign releases of information to verify homelessness
5. Sign releases of information to verify income
Homelessness is determined by utilizing a checklist for eligibility and receiving the verification by a third party in writing, on the Minnesota Housing ”Housing Status Verification/Referral Form” whenever possible. In cases where no written independent verification is possible from a shelter, a case manager or other 3rd party, clients must complete and sign the Minnesota Housing “Housing Status Self-Certification Form” .
Once homelessness is verified, in writing, on the forms provided by Village of Hope, and exclusionary criteria are determined not applicable, applicants are forwarded to the Executive Director for review.

If an applicant is approved, they are accepted and will be allowed to move into Village of Hope. Once a room is available, the homeless advocates will coordinate a move-in date and time with the applicant.

705 5th St NW, #B, Bemidji MN 56601

Community-based outpatient clinic serving veterans

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Parent Facility:  Fargo VAMC  1-800-410-9723

411 Beltrami Ave NW, Bemidj MN 56601

Gently used clothing and household items for sale at reasonable prices.

PO Box 850, Bemidji MN 56619

The Take A Kid Fishing Mission:

To introduce young people to the outdoors through fishing in a safe, fun, educational and mentored atmosphere. Providing the resources and opportunities so that area youth and families may experience firsthand and realize the healthy, fun and rewarding sport of fishing.

209 371 South, Hackensack MN 56452

Thrift store for clothing and household items.

616 America Ave, Suite #220, Bemidji MN 56601

Employment and training services to residents of Beltrami, Clearwater, Lake of the Woods, Hubbard and Cass Counties.

1415 First St E, Suite #2, Park Rapids MN 56470

Outreach health services including: Footcare, Immunization Clinics, WIC, and Children’s health screenings.

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PO Box 114, Red Lake MN 56671

Intake/assessment, prevention education on fetal alcohol spectrum, positive cultural education, life skills, talking circles, cradleboard project, nutrition education, referrals to community agencies.





121 7th Place East, Suite #420, St. Paul MN 55101

The Ombudsman is an independent governmental official who recieves complaints against government (and government regulated) agencies and/or its officials, who investigates, and who if the complaints are justified, takes action to remedy the complaints. The Office of Ombudsman Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (OMHDD) provides resources in regarding: 1) Client Services, 2) Medical Review, and 3) Civil Commitment Training.

An Ombudsman serves people enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs including Medical Assistance (MA) and MinnesotaCare. An Ombudsman can help enrollees get needed care and resolve billing problems by providing information and assistance with the managed care grievance and appeal process available through the health plan and the state; working as a problem solver, a neutral investigator and an advocate for fair and equal treatment.

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PO Box 104, Bemidji MN 56601

Pet fixers in a spay and neuter assistance program created to give low income pet owners the opportunity to “fix” their pets at a price they can afford.  We also provide services to barn cat owners and caretakers of feral cats with no income restrictions.  We work in partnership with government entities in several towns in the area and reach an area of over 15 counties and growing.

We will accomplish this goal of helping control the pet population by:

  • promoting responsible pet ownership through education
  • providing opportunity and assistance for the spaying and neutering of companion animals for individuals financially unable to sterilize their pet.
  • assisting individuals and municipalities in Trap-Neuter-Release of feral cats.
824 America Ave NW, Bemidji MN 56601

Peoples Church is a multicultural mission congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, with a special emphasis on outreach to people living in poverty. Ten years ago Pastor Bob Kelly and Carol Kelly–moved by the spiritual and medical needs of the poor and homeless in the Bemidji, Minnesota area–started the ministry.

Peoples Church offers ministries in worship, referral, hospitality, food, clothing, and other basic needs as well as our unique bike ministry. The congregation is a full-fledged member church of the denomination and is noted for its ministries.

In order to stay at People’s Church individuals must be interviewed by Bob Kelly or Julia Plum.

1741 15th Street NW Bemidji MN 56601

The mission of the Oshki Manidoo “New Spirit” Center is to be a healing place with a holistic approach for Native American youth and non-Native American Youth to begin to embrace healthy behaviors and attitudes that will transform them, their families and communities.

Program emphasis includes substance use disorder, cultural foundations, physical wellness and strengthening family connections.

Youth will return to their community following successful discharge with a new outlook, understanding their importance as an integral part of the larger community, chemical free and able to sustain sobriety and continue their journey toward healthy living.

Operated by the White Earth Tribal Council

PO Box 64971, St. Paul MN 55164

An ombudsman is an independent consumer advocate. Ombudsman investigate complaints concerning the health, safety, welfare and rights of long-term care consumers, work to resolve individual concerns, and identify problems and advocate for changes to address them, at no charge to the consumer. Ombudsman also offer information and consultation about nursing home, boarding care home, housing with services, assisted living, customized living, home care and hospital services, rights and regulations. Additionally, ombudsman work with providers of long-term care services to promote a culture of person-directed living.


This toll free number operates out of the state office.  When calling for an ombudsman in any Region, you will be directly transferred to the ombudsman serving your area.

1450 Energy Park Dr, Suite #160, St. Paul MN 55108

An Ombudsman is an independent government official responsible for reviewing government and government regulated agencies in an effort to ensure that their practices are fair, reasonable and appropriate. To do this, the ombudsman: Receives complaints, reviews, investigates and if appropriate, makes recommendations to remedy the complaints.

1260 Main St./PO Box 236, Northome MN 56661

Serving  Southern Koochiching, Northern Itasca, and Northern Beltrami Counties.


Open the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon and the 4th Wednesday of the month from 2 to 5 p.m.

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