Local Agency Updates

If you are interested in sharing your stories on how your agency has been impacted by Covid-19, how your agency is responding, and how your responses are impacting the communities you serve; please email rsherman@crcinform.org.  We would like to reach out to the media and let the public know about what area service agencies are doing to respond and rebuild. (as per the suggestion of Mayor Albrecht; see her update below)

Please email your agency updates to: 

Annie@UnitedWayBemidji.org OR RSherman@crcinform.org

Questions: If you have ideas or items to share in response to the following – please email them to rsherman@crcinform.org

  1. Do providers feel like there needs to be some sort of outreach or public education surrounding how individuals and families can and should be reaching out for mental health services?  If so, any ideas on what it should look like?
  2. Do any agencies have plans developed for opening after the “stay at home” orders are lifted?  If you have templates or your agency has one that you are willing to share; please send it to rsherman@crcinform.org
  3. How are you preparing your staff for re-opening?

Important Numbers

  • Mobile Crisis Hotline 1-800-422-0045
  • Text MN to 741741 to connect with a Crisis Counselor; also available through Facebook Messenger
  • Warm line peer support through Wellness in the Woods:  1-844-739-6369
  • MN Farm and Rural Help Line 1-833-600-2670 ext. 1

Important Website Links

Unemployment: https://www.uimn.org/applicants/getpaid/request-benefit/index.jsp

IRS (Stimulus checks): https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments

Information on how to receive the stimulus check for non-filers.  https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/non-filers-enter-payment-info-here

Housing: BSU’s website: https://www.bemidjistate.edu/services/student-activities/resources/off-campus-housing/

Additional Mental Health Resources: http://hopehousebemidji.org/index_htm_files/Mental%20Health%20Resources%20for%20Adults%20in%20Bemidji.pdf

Emergency Planning Beltrami County: https://www.co.beltrami.mn.us/Departments/Law%20enforcement/Emergency%20Mgmt.html  


Mental Health First Aid for Covid-19 Online through Red Cross: https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/classes/mental-health-first-aid-for-covid-19-online/a6R3o0000014Zlg.html


Anishinabe Legal Services (ALS)

Anishinabe Legal Services and Legal Services of NW MN are available to answer client calls about issues related to utility shut-offs, evictions, etc.  ALS has full staff and fewer calls are being received; programs are fully operational.

ALS has one person, in particular, who’s reading up on changes as they happen. It takes just a few minutes to complete an eligibility screening.  ALS is at: 218-335-2223.


Beltrami Area Service Collaborative (BASC)

  • BASC is facilitating a virtual meeting every two weeks between school social workers across the county and mental health providers and youth services organizations.  These partners are coordinating transition of services for the hundreds of students who were receiving mental health services in the school prior to distance learning. Also discussing identification and access for students and families who would be new referrals.
  • BASC is facilitating a monthly meeting with wider group of providers who work with kids and families Interdisciplinary Review Team (held virtually)
  • Truancy Case Management:  All hearings for truancy cases have been cancelled through April; however, BASC continues contact and support for all open cases. Judges are doing administrative reviews on some of these cases, which includes reports being filed and the judge issuing an order based on those reports without hearing the case in person. Case management of truancy continues for cases outside of court with contacts previously referred to BASC via phone, text.
  • Diversion:  This program provides alternative interventions for first-time juvenile offenders referred to BASC by County Attorney’s office.  Continue to receive referrals from County Attorney’s office.  Doing virtual intakes, sending out journals for guardians/youth to complete together in lieu of in-person classes.  Open cases receiving case management – keeping in contact for support, guidance, safety and parent support.
  • Students First:  Discontinued student/coach sessions for the year, cancelled coach strengths training, asking volunteer coaches to post an encouraging message or video on SF Facebook page


Beltrami County Judicial Center/Court:

No update available since 4/9/2020


Beltrami County Health and Human Services

  • The office is closed to the public. Some staff are operating remotely.
  • We ask that you utilize online resources if possible to apply for public assistance programs through Applymn.dhs.mn.gov for cash, SNAP, child care and emergency programs and MNSure.org for health care programs. Contact a MNsure Navigator for assistance applying through the MNsure electronic system. (218-333-0880)
  • If online resources are unavailable please call our office at 218-333-8300 to request an application be mailed to you. At this time phone interviews for public assistance programs are being offered in lieu of face to face interviews.
  • Completed applications can now be uploaded into the county system.  Go to the county website, search for economic resources, and choose upload documents.


Beltrami County COVID-19 Response/Recovery Team

OUR MISSION: Develop a volunteer pool of health care and behavioral health professionals and workers to provide support services to direct care if needed during the COVID-19 pandemic; services will be provided in a variety of settings as the community responds to and recovers from the pandemic.  YOU ARE NEEDED!

  • We need health care/behavioral health professionals and workers! A roster of volunteers is being developed for isolation and quarantine sites, long term care facilities, alternate care sites, and other needed sites.
  • Volunteer opportunities from support services to direct care will be managed by the Minnesota Responds for both licensed and unlicensed volunteers. For more information:  BeltramiCOVID@gmail.com.  Go to mnresponds.org to register.


Beltrami County Domestic Violence Intervention Programs (DVIP)

  • The Bemidji DVIP Groups are cancelled through April.
  • All Red Lake Groups are cancelled until further notice.
  • All Leech Lake Groups are cancelled until further notice.


Beltrami Public Health


Bemidji Community Food Shelf

  • Open Monday and Wednesday ONLY
  • Food Boxes prepackaged based on the size of the household
  • Volunteers bringing boxes out to the cars.  Consumers should NOT enter the building.
  • If you need food delivered call the food shelf to see if there are available options.
  • 24- hour notice is needed for delivery.
  • Typically, the Food Shelf distributes enough food for about 10 meals per pick up or delivery. During this time, consumers could access more frequently if in need. This does not mean that consumers can have food delivered all the time.
  • Nutrition Assistance Program boxes are being carried out to cars; no one is to enter the building.
  • The food shelf is considering food boxes that would more adequately meet the needs of people with Diabetes. If someone has the skills to provide some food recommendations, please contact Mary Mitchell.


Bemidji Senior Center

  • Bemidji Senior Center is closed until further notice.
  • Curbside meals are available Mon-Fri behind the Senior Center at the back door between 11:30-12:30. Please call Senior Dining ahead of time to reserve your meal at 444-3987. 
  • The price is a suggested donation of $5-$8.40 per meal if you are over 60. Anyone under 60 it will be full price. Also available are frozen meals if you wish to have some extra meals. These are to-go meals, there is still no congregate dinning at the Senior Center.
  • www.bemidjiseniorcenter.org


Bemidji State University and Technical College

  • Courses resumed (all online) March 30th
  • As many staff working from home as possible
  • Still housing 85 students in residence halls



  • The Energy Assistance Program has been extended until July 1, 2020
  • Crisis funds have been increased from $600 to $1200 total.
  • Still have funding for furnace repairs for homeowners if they are in a no heat situation.
  • Income guidelines have not changed.
  • No clients allowed in building, there is a drop box by the front door to use. Applications are also in a box for pickup. (Both Bemidji and Walker offices)
  • Right now the utility companies are suspending shut offs on April 15th.  The PUC is working closely with utility companies on this.  The cooperatives in our area are also suspending disconnects at this time but they have different guidelines.  There is no clear date on when the CWR payments will be reactivated and disconnects occur.
  • Head Start is closed, but staff are working remotely, delivering online support to children and families; we are delivering meals 2x per week
  • BI-CAP assists with SNAP (Food Support) applications over the phone. Applicants can contact Maria Sorenson at 218-333-9849 or email maria.sorenson@bicap.org
  • YouthBuild is delivering online and remote classes.
  • Supportive Housing and Energy Assistance continue to offer services via phone, email and mail.
  • Most staff are working remotely, with a skeleton crew working on site.
  • Our front desk phone line is active between 8-3:30


Boys and Girls Club of the Bemidji Area

  • See the Boys and Girls Club Facebook page for updates or join the club’s reminder application by texting “@bemidjibgc” to 81010
  • The club will be closed until further notice.
  • Part-time staff have been laid off, but full-time staff are working on virtual learning opportunities.
  • Staff are putting together YouTube videos for the public; go on-line and take a look!
  • We are actively working on three different plans for reopening. We hope to have a final decision by May 15th.


Boy Scouts of America

  • Meeting virtually each week
  • Waiting to find out about summer camps: hoping to postpone rather than cancel them.
  • Encouraging our members and their families to remain active; do community service work as a way to get out and get some exercise.


Churches United

  • PLEASE CALL FIRST 218-444-1380
  • FOOD ACCESS FOR THE WEEKENDS: Churches United can write vouchers for Lueken’s. Applicants need to call our office 444-1380 during business hours [noon-4:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday] and have a photo ID. They will also need to come to our office to pick up their voucher. Vouchers amounts are based on family size.
  • Still supplying food vouchers. Churches United has been given additional funding so that they can increase the size of their existing food vouchers.
  • Paul Bunyan Transit has offered to transport people in need of vouchers to Churches United; allowing the consumer to run up to the entry where the voucher is left for them and then return to the bus to go home. The consumer will need to pay for their ride; the transportation is not FREE. Consumers may want to discuss transportation costs with Churches United in advance of this trip if it is not affordable.
  • Churches United has orange cards that have their address and contact information on the front of the card. The back of the card lists resources for individuals.  If individuals or agencies would like these cards, please contact Churches United.
  • Don’t forget that there are crises lines available to everyone; including all of us! Use them when they are needed!
    • http://bemidjicu.org


City of Bemidji: Mayor Rita Albrecht

  • Encourage parents and children to stay off of park play equipment. The virus is known to survive 3-4 days on hard surfaces – this equipment is NOT safe. Signs are posted but are not particularly effective.
  • Encourage people to stay away from the skate park….there are increasingly large gatherings there and it is NOT safe.
  • The city has considered placing portable toilets and washing stations around the city but have not done it because these, too, present their own set of safety concerns.
  • City does not have the authority to tell businesses to use protective gear or distancing nor do they have the authority to “open up Bemidji.”
  • Providing some funds from revolving loan fund to local businesses
  • Greater Bemidji has received funds from the state for small businesses
  • If you need to speak with someone about city bills and paying; call city hall and leave a message
  • Anyone can drop bill payments in the city drop box affixed to the city hall building
  • The city is now accepting applications for their revolving loan fund
  • Midco has extended their internet services through June for students and low income households.  If someone has Midco access; they will want to contact the company for details.
  • The all school reunion is postponed until further notice
  • The city is keeping city parks open as a means of making recreational space available to households
  • Ruby’s pantry has had 2 distributions in the parking lot of the Sanford Center – another distribution is set to occur in May; also in the Sanford Center parking lot
  • Service agencies are encouraged to publicize the work they are doing to assist and serve during the pandemic.  The public needs to hear and see the positive things happening and they need to understand the work that is happening to prepare for the future in these challenging times.


Civil Air Patrol

  • All group meetings have gone online.
  • They are NOT available for public service EXCEPT in the case of a critical search and rescue.
  • Might be able to deliver PPE or other essential supplies as needed. Open to taking calls for this purpose.
  • One of our cadets spoke at our last meeting about Warrior Spirit.  It was a particularly applicable topic that resulted in some excellent conversation.


Community Resource Connections

  • Staff remain available by telephone at 218-333-0880 (Bemidji), 218-835-5768 (Blackduck) and 218-547-3438 ext. 15 (Walker).
  • We provide MNsure Navigation remotely.
  • MNsure updates:
    • The Department of Human Services is NOT terminating public program health coverage until further notice (Medical Assistance and MNcare recipients). If someone receives a renewal notice they should complete it and send it in if they are able; but if they don’t their coverage will not be ended until the state of emergency is over.
    • If someone is not able to pay their MA-EPD or MNcare Care premiums due to an employment issue, they should contact the Dept of Human Services or MNcare to request a temporary waiver.
    • This is an excellent place to find updates about all public programs; very east to read and digest: bridgetobenefits.org/COVID-19
    • If your agency is receiving calls from the public concerning their ability to pay basic housing costs; please forward that information to Ruth Sherman at rsherman@crcinform.org.  State organizations are seeking that information in order to determine the need for fund distribution.
    • https://www.crcinform.org


 Community Table

  • Monday and Tuesday pre-bagged meals are available at the north door (parking lot) at Mt. Zion Church between 5 and 6 pm.
  • Wednesday and Thursday pre-bagged meals are available at the door of United Methodist Church between 5 and 6 pm.
  • The public IS allowed to pick up more bagged meals if they want to deliver to others who cannot get to the sites.  No questions will be asked!
  • Volunteers at Community Table are considering how they might eventually return to hot meals on site.  Current locations do not easily allow for social distancing so some planning is required.


Disability Hub

  • Hours of operations: Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5 p.m.
  • Call volume is down; believed to be related to the fact that public programs are not terminating coverage during the state of emergency.
  • If your organization has NOT gone to the MinnesotaHelp.info® https://www.mnhelp.info site recently; PLEASE go there, check out your agency information, make sure it is correct or contact them and correct your information! This program operates state-wide….so if people are going to the site and not seeing your information, they will not find you.
  • (The same can be said for the www.crcinform.org website….the site is only as helpful as the information on it and the information on it can only be made correct by you! PLEASE HELP US KEEP BOTH OF THESE SITES UP TO DATE!)


Eagle Vista Ranch & Wellness Center

  • Liz Letson
  • Bemidji equine assisted psychotherapy & learning, crisis counseling, teletherapy.
  • 218-760-0656. eaglevistaranch.com
  • Although not a typical service, during this time she is open to callers at risk of suicide
  • We’re using this great resource/book – “The Resilient Practitioner – Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Prevention and Self-Care Strategies for the Helping Professions” for development of our Equine Assisted Resilience Program.
  • See the forwarded email flyer describing a joint Eagle Vista Ranch and BSU E-workshop coming up in June and July. Contact Liz Letson at the phone number listed above if you have not received the flyer. The workshop will focus on resiliency; dealing with the burnout and compassion fatigue many professionals are experiencing. There is a cost to the workshop series – they are working on scholarships.


Evergreen Youth & Family Services

Evergreen is working on an appointment-only basis; we are still providing case mgmt., hot lunches, and even food delivery (hot lunches and food shelf packages) during this time. Seeing some youth who are handling this admirably well and others who are suffering from boredom and engaging in unhealthy behaviors. Bit of a mixed bag.

  • Continues to support current clients and residents in our housing programs, including youth that arrive at the drop in.  There ARE openings at the shelter – families are being screened and placed appropriately.
  • Both sites are staffed and are offering the following services:
    • Mental health services
    • Family support services
    • Case management support for clients
    • Assessments/screenings for services
    • Resources and support for Suicide Prevention, Rock Sober, Street Outreach, Safe Harbor, Crime Services
    • Free laundry and shower services for drop in clients ages 10-24
    • Workforce development
    • Free meal at the drop in site (“to go”) during regular hours
    • We are providing basic essentials: cleaning supply kits for housing clients, hygiene supplies for drop in and/or clients
  • Clients are being screened at the door, when possible we ask them to schedule an appointment, and we have implemented protocol for maintaining social distancing and social gathering. When and where possible, we are offering remote supports, but are assessing all clients to be sure we are meeting their needs.
  • Jeanne Strate (Evergreen Family Support) is available 218- 556-3191
  • Suicide Prevention Program:  Link to a free hour long Gatekeeper training that is being utilized in schools while in person trainings are unavailable:  It is available for anyone who would like to share with youth or clients.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rnhi2OpwUEg&t=6s


Girl Scouts of Bemidji

  • If you want Girl Scout Cookies you can call or email Becky Dean at 218-308-8880 or bdean@girlscoutslp.org
  • Active online. Anyone can go to their site and participate in the daily activities listed there.  Free virtual programming through website at: www.girlscoutslp.org
  • Girls are able to join as members on line.
  • You can order cookies for yourself, send to others, or donate to healthcare workers on the front lines. All while still supporting local scouts!  Cookies will be delivered for you.


Great North Counseling

  • Office closed (no in-person appointments).
  • A telehealth platform is being used to connect with existing clients.
  • Contacts with clients are weekly or as needed.
  • Some openings coming up; continue to refer
  • Address: 426 Bemidji Ave N #1, Bemidji, MN 56601
  • Phone(218) 214-6096


Great River Rescue

  • TENTATIVE re-opening date of May 12, 2020.
  • Animal visitations will be by appointment only and they will encourage virtual visits for someone’s first visit. Volunteers must also make appointments to come and spend time with the animals. All social distancing norms will be followed at the shelter and during any off-site animal visits. Adoption procedure details will be posted at greatriverresuce.com
  • Closing effective 3/27 as per order
  • Great River Rescue is not taking in animals from the public currently. We encourage anyone who needs to rehome a pet to use rehome.adoptapet.com.   We are still taking in animals from the Bemidji and Township pounds


Habitat for Humanity

  • Receiving 2-3 calls per day from people interested in building a home; interest in having a single family home is higher than ever.
  • Building plans remain intact for the coming building season. A house is underway now.
  • A Brush with Kindness program is still functioning. They will do outside work and have just a few people on the job so distancing is possible.
  • Restore is looking into ways that they can go to online and/or curb side service in order to meet the needs of people needing furniture/appliances/etc.


Headwaters Regional Development Center

  • Bryan McCoy- leading Regional Transportation Coordination Council. If anyone needs assistance in securing transportation or delivery service, I am here to help. Also in constant contact with MnDOT to get updates on potential transportation services.
  • bmccoy@hrdc.org or 218-333-6545


Headwaters School of Music and Art

  • All activities on site are canceled
  • Some individual music lessons are being done remotely
  • They are looking to add additional classes that can be done remotely


Headwaters Science Center

  • The science center is beginning the planning process for re-opening. If anyone has a re-opening plan that they would be willing to share….please send it to Lee Furuseth or rsherman@crcinform.org
  • The Science Center is closed effective Wednesday 3/18/2020.
  • Look at their Facebook page for fun videos.
  • Remember to give; HSC is losing $150,000 in revenue, as this is their busy season with many school tours and visitors.
  • It is Citizen’s Science Month. See Headwaters Science Center face book page and click on the videos for fun activities. Science Club now has activities on-line.
  • https://www.facebook.com/HeadwatersScienceCtr/


4H Programs


Hope House



  • All staff still working
  • All inspections are being done virtually and are now being done bi-annually to reduce contact
  • Still issuing vouchers
  • Applications can be faxed in to avoid contact.
  • Bridges Program: Available for individuals who have a mental health diagnosis. Consumers need a referral from Beltrami County Adult Services, Red Lake and Leech Lake tribes.  Diagnosis will be confirmed with doctor. Screening will be done to verify income and assets and voucher could be good for up to 3 years.  Consumers need to find own rental. Available to singles or families. This has been more complicated by the fact that the county offices have remained closed.


KC Walleye Classic

  • Continues to sell raffle tickets and collect sponsorships for this year to be able to continue to support the 11 organizations that participate in and benefit from the tournament.
  • The event itself has been postponed.


Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota

Legal Services is working to collect examples of situations where consumers’ utilities are shut off or their stimulus checks are garnished during this Covid crisis.  If you see anyone who has been affected in either of these ways contact Legal Services of NW MN.

LawHelpMN.org has great resources for civil legal issues.   It also has COVID-19 information that is relevant to anyone, such as stimulus checks, unemployment, etc.

  • Offices will be closed to all walk-in clients beginning 3/17/2020, until further notice. Staff will continue to work, and applications are still being accepted. In addition, LSNM has cancelled all in-person meetings, trainings, Self-Help Clinics and events through April 15, 2020.
  • Our team is available to support and respond to the needs and concerns of existing and new clients. As always, we are working to ensure high-quality and critical legal aid services are delivered, while addressing new and emerging needs of our clients as this crisis unfolds. https://lsnmlaw.org
  • Anyone being evicted should contact Legal Services by telephone.
  • All Order For Protection matters are still going to court; figuring out ways to do so remotely
  • Anne Hoefgen is working on a “return to work” template.  She will be sending out some rough ideas soon.
  • There is an online complaint form for people experiencing illegal behaviors related to the new state Covid requirements:  https://www.ag.state.mn.us/Office/Complaint.asp


Mental Health USA

  • Weekly on-line support groups available which are faith based and peer led.
  • Contact Valerie at Valeries@mentalhealthusa.org
  • Mental Health USA: 815-670-4173


Meta 5 Displaced Homemaker Program (new name coming soon)

Have you lost your primary source of income due to separation, divorce, disability or death of a spouse?  If so, Meta 5 Displaced Homemaker Pre-Employment Program offers you a free, customized, holistic, client-centered program to help you transition into the job market and address a variety of other needs.

We offer a compassionate, non-judgmental support system. Individuals are empowered to make their own decisions and good choices. We provide referrals to a broad array of resources including social service agencies, educational institutions and training programs, as well as financial aid resources.

How can this program help you?  By offering you:

  • Assertiveness training to help develop strengths and self-esteem
  • Job search skills including learning to network, resume writing and interviewing
  • Peer counseling and emotional support
  • Assistance with educational and career choices
  • Computer training; become comfortable with technology
  • Support groups so you don’t have to go through this transition alone
  • Workshops to help you manage your money, your stress and your divorce
  • Community referrals to help you meet a variety of needs

Serving individuals in Beltrami, Cass, Crow Wing, Mille Lacs, Morrison, Todd, Wadena and Douglas Counties.
Meta 5 Displaced Homemaker Program provides this free service through funding from the Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Contact: Kimberly Pilgrim

Kimberly Pilgrim, Program Director



Mobile Crisis: Heidi Bruder

  • 1-800-422-0045
  • Mobile Text: 741-741 MN available 24/7
  • Utilize Mobile Crisis for any mental health needs. With the reduction in mental health services FAMILIES may need additional mental health support.  Mobile Crisis is able to provide over the phone support 24/7. For suicidal risk, Mobile heals is still doing in person assessments, typically in office or at the ER.
  • Mobile Crisis services can be utilized when experiencing a mental health crisis.  A mental health crisis is a behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric situation that would likely result in significantly impacting daily activities.  This includes difficulty with: coping with a stressful or traumatic event, anxiety and depression, physical or verbal aggression, self-injurious behavior, suicidal or homicidal thoughts, hallucinations or delusions, or caring for or keeping oneself safe.
  • https://www.ummhcmn.org/indexphpp1_13_mobile-crisis.html


Northwest Indian Community Development Center

  • Closed to the public. Our Facebook page is updated several times a day with contact information for the programs we are currently running.
  • We are following CDC and MDH recommendations.
  • We are taking SNAP applications over the phone and email. Applicants can contact our staff by Facebook Messenger, email, phone or text.
  • We are taking MNsure applications over the phone and email. Applicants can contact our staff by Facebook Messenger, email, phone or text. The governor ordered a special open enrollment period that expires on April 21st.
  • Our current enrolled GED students are able to continue their hours through Distance Learning.
  • Our Family Spirit program is offering online classes, phone and email communication.


Northwest Technical College

Contact: Wendy Potratz    Wendy.Potratz@ntcmn.edu

  • We encourage people to apply for the scholarship that was emailed out to this mailing list yesterday (another copy will be forwarded). The second grant (Pipeline) can be used for things other than Community Health Worker training. SEE THOSE NOTICES FOR DETAILS.
  • The college’s Gerontology/Aging Care certificate has been approved and will be available next Spring.


Northwoods Battered Women’s Shelter

  • The shelter remains open with increased safety measures in place.
  • All applications for assistance will be done remotely if possible…


Northwoods Caregivers

  • Additional resources are now available for helping seniors and people living with disabilities to access free grocery shopping and delivery as well as medical appointment transportation.
  • Application processes are being streamlined and Northwoods will take applications over the telephone.
  • They are in the process of purchasing tablets to give to family members that have loved ones in LTC facilities to enable contact that is currently not allowed face to face.
  • Re-assurance calls are being offered.
  • Suspending all supervised visitation and child exchange.
  • IN GREAT need of drivers to help elderly access groceries and medical appointments.


 Northwoods Pregnancy Center

  • Closed until further notice
  • Staff and volunteers are working remotely during normal office hours (Monday – Wednesday 11-4)
  • Please call 218-444-3035 or email info@northwoodspregnancy.com


Northern Dental Access Center

  • Northern Dental Access Center is closed for most services until further notice.  Effective 3/20/2020
  • Encourage dental emergency situations to call NDAC; they are taking phone calls Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. and scheduling emergency appointments T, W and Thursday starting at 9 a.m. as needed.
  • A dental “emergency” involves: trauma to the mouth, swelling, infection and significant pain.
  • DO NOT send dental emergencies to the emergency room!  Call NDAC
  • Until the threat subsides Legal Services of NW MN and Community Resource Connections are NOT meeting with consumers at Northern Dental Access Center.
  • Northern Dental is attempting to prepare for a partial opening in the coming weeks. Some serious decisions have to be made concerning who takes priority – very overwhelming!  Hang in there Jeanne and staff!


North Homes of Bemidji

Providing telehealth services and outpatient CD programming



Options for Independent Living

  • Working with people over the phone and other online programs that they feel best fit their needs:  not meeting with people in person. 218-497-0210 Bemidji Office
    • Peer Support/Visiting
    • Independent Living Skills Training
    • Community Education and Outreach
    • Information and referral
    • Advocacy personal and systems
    • Transition services youth
    • Transition Services from Institutional SettingServices Include:
    • jessie@myoptions.info


Park Place of Bemidji (Center City Housing)

  • Currently operating: some changes to the program and some staff are working from home.
  • We are able to move people in; doing assessments and move-in’s with increased safety precautions.
  • We currently have openings, so people can put in applications; they would need to know that things are moving a little slower since staff may not be here every day to look over the applications and schedule assessments.


Peacemaker Resources

  • Out while schools are out.
  • We are gradually building a YouTube site with free videos for families to use with their kids. There are a few short videos on there now and we will continue to add to them through the coming weeks. There is also a mindfulness segment that is targeted towards teachers but really could be of benefit to anyone.
  • See the YouTube site for recent updates and add-ons.


Reading and Math Corps (ServeMN)

Rachel Garaghty

  • Working on ways to continue offering tutoring services on line
  • May have some tutors available for volunteering…contact Rachel.
  • AmeriCorps has opened up a new summer option……..please refer young people seeking summer employment their way. Applications for workers are open until May 2oth.  Go to https://www.serveminnesota.org/emergency-response/ for applications.
  • AmeriCorps Emergency Response host applications are now closed. Two sites are available in Bemidji: Bemidji Community Food Shelf and Habitat for Humanity.


Rebecca Schueller Consulting

  • Watch Becky’s webpage to find updated training opportunities
  • Contact Becky with questions – Becky@bemidjiconsulting.com
  • https://bemidjiconsulting.com/


Red Lake Department of Public Safety

  • Victims of crime can contact 218-679-1919 or 218-533-4583 day or night for questions about services


River City Journey Outreach

  • MEALS ARE SERVED ON SUNDAYS STARTING AT 1 P.M.  Our location has changed to the parking lot west of the County Adm Building on Irvine Avenue.
  • Free clothing available on site – now they also have baby clothes available. Contact Joan if in need.
  • Always in need of donations of food, clothing and financial assistance
  • We have now secured a resource for bread, buns, etc. through Country Hearth…so much so that we will be able to provide extras to Peoples Church, Battered Women’s Shelter, Evergreen Youth, and families as needed.
  • We are currently working with the Paper Products Company to secure paper products needed to continue the meals.
  • We are looking to provide more hygiene packets (soaps, hair products, toothbrushes and paste, etc.)
  • Finding more outlets for the clothing we have secured from Remer…was able to provide clothing to a 5 year old at Evergreen this week….
    • Contact: Joan Miller 556-0462


Ruby’s Pantry

Ruby’s Pantry is for anyone that is looking to extend their monthly grocery budget. For a $20 bundle donation, you will receive an abundance of groceries. There is no income or residency requirement. Guests can attend as many locations each month that work for their schedule.

  • https://www.rubyspantry.org/
  • Next Wednesday May 20th starting at 4:30 p.m. at the Sanford Center parking lot
  • Pre-register on line to speed up your pick up


St. Vincent De Paul

  • Still taking calls at 218-368-6606
  • Vincent de Paul can also do food vouchers to Lueken’s.  Our help line is 218-368-6606.  Vouchers are based on family size.  We will mail or meet people in a public place in Bemidji to deliver vouchers.  Can also mail or deliver to homes if needed
  • They can still process food gas and utility checks; but they are asking that people contact Churches United first for these benefits.
  • No home visits


Sanford Health Hospital

  • Beltrami Covid county remains at 6 positives in Beltrami County. No one is hospitalized.
  • Sanford Health is providing a Zoom Meeting on Monday May 11th from 11 a.m. until noon on “Opening Back up Safely”. To get the required link contact Kayla Winkler at:  winkler@sanfordhealth.org
  • Not open to visitors
  • Only allowing minors and special needs patients 1 accompanying adult
  • Family of end-of-life situations only
  • Working in cooperation with the local Shelters to increase space and access to space for homeless and patients of COVID virus
  • If you want to be tested for virus you should call the 333-5000 number and speak to a nurse.  They will screen you verbally and if they see reason to do a test they will provide you with an appointment at one of their remote sites.  They will test you in your vehicle; you should arrive alone if possible.
  • There is no limit on testing at this time – no backlog or wait
  • Tests are currently being shipped to Sioux Falls for processing – results are available in 48 hours.
  • The CDC has recently updated their list of reasons for testing; those additional symptoms are being added to Sanford’s list of screening questions when someone calls asking for a test. They are not able to test without a certain percentage of those symptoms showing as they are finding that without the symptoms the tests often come back with false negatives.
  • There is a helpline for discrimination – for victims of discrimination and for those who witness it.  1-833-454-0148.  Shared by Connie Norman, Community Health Worker at Sanford Health.


Stehler Services

  • Clarification on using the Crisis Texting program: Make sure that people know they should text the letters “MN” to the number 741-741. “MN” is what goes in the dialogue box.
  • They can also reach out to Crisis Text Line through Facebook Messenger.
  • There are some great resources on Crisis Textlines website about how to deal with anxiety and isolation during this time: https://www.crisistextline.org/topics/get-help-coronavirus/#dealing-with-coronavirus-1


Support Within Reach

  • All staff are available by phone; answering phones directly
  • All direct services for clients are AVAILABLE 24/7 and can be in person at office site.


 The #1 Ladies Advocacy Center (Kerry Hicks)

  • Still meeting with people to assist with Orders for Protection and other safety measures.


Timber Bay

  • Suspended all face to face interactions
  • Spending lots of time on Snap Chat with middle school population
  • All Spring camps are canceled
  • Making hopeful summer plans with participants


United Way of Bemidji Area

  • United Way of Bemidji Area is coordinating face mask donations for homeless shelters, the Bemidji School District, and local agencies. Thanks to an Anderson Fabrics donation, we do have fabric available! If you would like to sew masks, please email Annie at Annie@UnitedWayBemidji.org and tell her how many adult and how many children masks. If you need fabric, please stop by the United Way office between 11 am and 4 pm to pick some up.
  • You may use any pattern you like or use one of the ones listed below. Multiple patterns are available online and on YouTube.
  • United Way is swapping out volunteers for agencies that are doing essential work during this health crisis. Contact United Way at 444-8929 if you need volunteers to continue doing your work.
  • Staff remain available by telephone at 218-444-8929
  • Still implementing Backpack Buddies; pick-up/delivery on Fridays.  If you know of a student in need notify the school where they attend and request. Distribution numbers are very high.
  • GIFTS OF HOPE: Round 2 of distribution is this coming Wednesday and Thursday.  See the Bemidji Alliance website for details on which 20 businesses are being featured this week.  To date, we have been able to help 57 locally owned businesses and 73 families. If you have families you would like to nominate, who meet our criteria of: 1) Living in ESD #31 area, 2) are low income, 3) are struggling due to Covid-19, and 4) the family is defined as at least one parent and one child, please email Denae at United Way  director@unitedwaybemidji.org for the link for the nomination form.  United Way has $500 worth of gift cards that include grocery, restaurants, gas, clothing, haircuts and something fun for the family to do together.
  • Emergency Fund has been created to support access to food, emergency needs, and care to elderly/most vulnerable in our community. Agencies with unexpected expenses combined with fundraising shortfalls due to event cancellations will be included. United Way is extending Emergency Fund availability through May. Secondary requests will not be reviewed until that time. To date, United Way has allocated $104,500 to area programs and services.  Focus areas include food access, emergency needs, and elderly care.
  • United Way is hosting a new babysitting service for families that need to return to work this coming summer and who are concerned about placing their children into multi-family day care settings.  Check out the website at: www.stepuptosit.com/signup
  • VOLUNTEERS: Since March 17th United Way has recruited more than 450 volunteers who have put in over 2,000 hours to help area nonprofits.
  • THE FUTURE: As we look to next steps, United Way is building a model around our Response, our Recovery, and our Rebuilding of the community. We will continue to share what this entails and ask our nonprofit partners to work with us to help sustain and move forward with the growing amount of need we are seeing through the community.


Veteran’s Affairs/Leech Lake Housing:

  • Melody Gorden continues to be available to offer outreach and VA services to all Veterans. Permanent supportive housing available for American Indian Veterans who are staying on or near the Leech Lake reservation, which includes Bemidji.
  • The Tribal VASH program through the St. Cloud Va and Leech Lake Housing continues to have several Permanent Subsidized Housing subsidies available for local Native American Veterans’ experiencing homelessness.  With this subsidy, the Veteran receives in home mental health and substance abuse counseling as well as case management and supportive services during housing search and after housing is found. Melody
    Gorden is currently providing telehealth via phone or video to the Veteran’s currently on the caseload.  Being a VA employee, Melody can provide services to all non-Native Veterans in need in this community with services such as VA resource referrals/follow ups and assistance with VA healthcare applications. Contact information is: melody.gorden@va.gov or 1-320-339-5861
  • In Cass Lake: (218) 335-8280


Village of Hope


Violence Intervention Program: VIP Project

Violence Intervention Project serves victims of domestic and sexual violence through crisis call response, emergency assistance, advocacy support, shelter, supervised visitation services and other housing support. A trained advocate is available 24 hours a day to listen, help assess needs and safety, and help locate needed resources or help in deciding if reporting a rape or an assault is the right option. We know how hard it is to take the first step or to be scared for someone you know who is in an abusive relationship. We’re here to listen and provide options in moving forward.

All VIP services are free and confidential and open to people of all genders in Pennington, Kittson, Marshall, Red Lake and Roseau Counties.

Services Include:

  • A safe and confidential place for victims to share their story in a private and non-judgmental environment
  • Safety planning
  • Assistance with protection orders
  • Accompaniment to court proceedings
  • Support and accompaniment during a sexual assault exam at the emergency room
  • Support Groups
  • Supervised Visitation and Safe exchanges (located in Thief River Falls)
  • Emergency and transitional housing



Wolfe Center

  • No longer providing services at the Super 8 Motel
  • Services are back at their original site; night time hours only 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
  • They reach capacity at 12 people with new distancing methods in place
  • Will remain open until the end of May; anticipated closure on June 1