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Becoming a CRC Board Member

Community Resource Connections operates with an 11 member board of directors. At least 50% (or 6) of the board members are required, by the organization’s by-laws, to be Nonprofit agency representatives.  All board members are required to be paid CRC members; regardless of their status as Nonprofit Agency Representative or Community Member.

                Community Resource Connections has written and enforced fiscal policies, By-laws and guidelines for operation. These policies describe Board Member term limits as follows: Board members serve 2-year terms with a maximum of 4 continuous 2-year terms; 8 years. At the end of 8 continuous years of service to the board; a board member must leave the board and cannot be re-elected for at least 1 full year. Board Members are re-elected after each two-year term by the general membership. Board Officers/the Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) may only serve 6 consecutive terms in one position.

                Board Members are elected at the Annual Membership Meeting held each year in Spring. CRC does NOT nominate potential board members at this annual meeting.  We have found that nominating people during the annual meeting has the common effect of surprising meeting attendees and placing them in an awkward position – frequently causing them to say “yes” to the nomination publicly, but then rethinking that response and turning down the roll in the months following the election. Our selection process enables potential board members to think through the obligations involved and proactively decide if they are up to the task.

                CRC staff and board members welcome and encourage new voices and different perspectives.  Please consider reviewing the materials describing our organization at and/or calling Ruth Sherman, Executive Director at 218-333-6838 to ask questions.  Access CRC’s board member application here and a description of board responsibilities here