Improving access to and the effectiveness of community services through collaboration, coordination, and integration.

About CRC

CRC staff serve as Navigators for people searching for resources to address home, family, employment and other self-sufficiency issues. Our professional staff members are available to help people better understand how to use existing service systems to effectively meet their needs. Assistance includes guidance through the MNsure system, consultation regarding Social Security Disability application, and applications for public benefits.

The staff of Community Resource Connections are certified by the State of Minnesota to provide MNsure assistance. At no cost to you we will help you establish an account on line, complete the health insurance application, and provide follow up support.
Please call for an appointment!

For Community Service Agencies and CRC Members: 218-333-0880

Community Resource Connections (CRC) serves the four county area of Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater and Hubbard Counties, serving as a referral source so that community service agencies effectively reach their intended clients. Membership benefits include facilitation of networking events, group marketing, consulting and involvement in an active list serve style communication system.


Community Resource Connections, Inc. (CRC) originally called “Bemidji Area Council of Nonprofits (BACN)”, began as an informal networking group of nonprofit agencies in the early 1980’s. The formation was, in large part, a response to a trend in the competitive bidding process for community services. Competing for short-term service contracts began to swallow up the limited resources of the area nonprofits, pitting them against one another, and ultimately eliminating any agency from building up experience as a means of improving service delivery. BACN worked to bring nonprofits together to identify who could most efficiently and effectively take on growing community needs; replacing competition with collaboration. This level of networking enabled nonprofits to support one another, lessen service gaps, and develop experienced professionals.

A name change in 2004 did not alter the mission of BACN/Community Resource Connections. Rather, it emphasized the organization’s response to the need for collaboration amongst all community services. CRC’s focus expanded to include networking and support amongst private, nonprofit and government organizations. Understanding through experience that improved communication amongst agencies clearly benefits the consumers receiving services from those agencies.

CRC values the autonomous manner in which agencies operate. While CRC encourages and enables collaboration through membership, networking events, centralized information/referral, and joint projects; CRC recognizes the importance of each agency staying true to their mission.


Agency Support Services

Community Resource Connections often works behind the scenes, serving the community in ways that are similar to a Chamber of Commerce. Some CRC activities focus directly on helping service agencies reach their intended clients. In that capacity, CRC provides:

  • Awareness of service agencies and their impact
  • A nonprofit voice from Northwest Minnesota
  • Networking opportunities & training events targeting the needs of service providers
  • A centralized process for disseminating resources/donations where they are most needed
  • Fiscal agent services for new nonprofit programs
  • Assistance with program development and evaluation

Information and Referral: Service Access

At four sites in Beltrami County, the Blackduck Resource Center, Northern Dental Access Center, CRC Headquarters and the Beltrami County Health and Human Services building, CRC provides Service Access Specialists. These staff members make themselves available to the public, as well as area professionals, for the purpose of providing information about services available in the area. Service access specialists help the public navigate the systems of services that prove confusing. Professional staff members are trained to assist the public on a wide spectrum of service options including but not limited to: Social Security Disability, Medicare, Housing services, Mental health services, Financial Assistance, and more. This component of CRC’s services is called “Service Access”.

Other Important Information