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CRC Informs Newsletter -October 2021

  • MNsure Open Enrollment for 2022 starts Nov. 1
  • Volunteer for Senior Community Clean-up!
  • RentHelpMN – get help if you are behind on rent

CRC Informs Newsletter – September 2021

  • Website Updates
  • Special Events in the Community

CRC Informs Newsletter – August 2021

  • *Reminder*: MNsure is 1 application resulting in 1 of 3 program eligibilities!
  • MNsure QHP’s will start renewals soon.  Check your mail!
  • It’s time to report changes – what kind?  Check out page 3 for more information!
  • RentHelpMN is still providing past due rent payments.  If you submitted an application, you are not “done”! Keep collecting documents because current past due statements will likely be requested during processing.

CRC Informs Newsletter – July 2021

  • MNsure – Renewals will be coming!  Remember to keep your current application updated!
  • Visit our member agency booth at the Beltrami County Fair!
  • Past due rental assistance is still available – we can help with the application!
  • New Resource Directory is in the works!  Check your organization’s info to make sure it’s current!

CRC Informs Newsletter – June 2021

  • What you should know about CRC
  • Reminders of important programs
  • Update from MNsure regarding decreased premiums

CRC Informs Newsletter – 2021 May

  • RentHelpMN – Ask how we can help you apply!
  • Find out more about broadband (internet) cost assistance
  • Stay connected!  Find out more about networking meetings and join in!

CRC Informs Newsletter – 2021 April

  • MNsure Special Enrollment Updates
  • RentHelpMN
  • Blackduck Resource Center Updates

CRC Informs Newsletter – 2021 March

  • Details about when and why to report pregnancy
  • MNsure Benefits for Native Americans
  • CERA – New rental assistance program coming soon!

CRC Informs Newsletter – 2021 February

  • Meet our team!
  • MNsure Special Open Enrollment
  • Tax Filing Assistance

CRC Informs Newsletter January 2021

  • Don’t forget to report changes!  Don’t know what counts?  Check out the list in the newsletter!
  • Find out why you haven’t gotten mail about your healthcare or why the mail looks different!
  • Have you wondered about who qualifies for CRC assistance when applying for Social Security Disability?  Find out more here!

CRC Informs Newsletter December 2020

  • MNsure Open Enrollment ends soon!
  • Important information to keep up-to-date during the Pandemic
  • At home COVID-19 testing information

CRC Informs Newsletter November 2020

  • MNsure Open Enrollment is here!
  • What is the difference between a Navigator and a Broker?
  • Hunger reduction in greater Beltrami County
  • CHAP: financial assistance is available for rent, mortgages, and utilities for those unable to pay due to COVID-19 related circumstances

CRC Informs Newsletter October 2020

  • How the continued pandemic emergency declaration effects public programs
  • The Emergency Covid funds available for those unable to pay rentals and mortgages
  • VOTE: How to get a ride to the polls

CRC Informs Newsletter September 2020

  • MN Insulin Assistance Program
  • MNsure: Who to contact when you have changes to report

CRC Informs Newsletter – August 2020

  • What to know about accessing MNsure health insurance after retirement
  • MNsure is the only way to access ACA approved subsidized insurance!
  • MN Public Health Emergency Extended – what does this mean for you?
  • Check out how we partner in the community: Thanks United Way and and North Country Food Bank!

CRC Informs Newsletter July 2020

  • MNsure: Why all the different names?
  • I completed my MNsure application. Now what?
  • Things to remember for my MNsure application appointment.

CRC Informs Newsletter June 2020

  • MNsure healthcare renewals
  • Things to know about public programs
  • Medicare Basics