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CRC Informs Newsletter December 2020

  • MNsure Open Enrollment ends soon!
  • Important information to keep up-to-date during the Pandemic
  • At home COVID-19 testing information

CRC Informs Newsletter November 2020 1.0

  • MNsure Open Enrollment is here!
  • What is the difference between a Navigator and a Broker?
  • Hunger reduction in greater Beltrami County
  • CHAP: financial assistance is available for rent, mortgages, and utilities for those unable to pay due to COVID-19 related circumstances

CRC Informs Newsletter October 2020

  • How the continued pandemic emergency declaration effects public programs
  • The Emergency Covid funds available for those unable to pay rentals and mortgages
  • VOTE: How to get a ride to the polls

CRC Informs Newsletter September 2020

  • MN Insulin Assistance Program
  • MNsure: Who to contact when you have changes to report

CRC Informs Newsletter – August 2020

  • What to know about accessing MNsure health insurance after retirement
  • MNsure is the only way to access ACA approved subsidized insurance!
  • MN Public Health Emergency Extended – what does this mean for you?
  • Check out how we partner in the community: Thanks United Way and and North Country Food Bank!

CRC Informs Newsletter July 2020

  • MNsure: Why all the different names?
  • I completed my MNsure application. Now what?
  • Things to remember for my MNsure application appointment.

CRC Informs Newsletter June 2020

  • MNsure healthcare renewals
  • Things to know about public programs
  • Medicare Basics